SanerNow Continuous Monitoring

Monitor endpoints in real-time to ensure consistent performance and strong security with SanerNow’s continuous monitoring tool. 

SanerNow’s Continuous Monitoring Program Ensures Reliable Endpoint Performance

SecPod's SanerNow - Application Control

Get real-time endpoint metrics with a single click

Get easy access to all the information you need on the endpoint health with just a single click. Get the status of software installed, applications with an unknown publisher, Software licenses, wireless security, firewall policies, faulty antivirus status, bit locker status, etc.
SanerNow - Seamlessly secure remote devices from a centralized cloud console for better continuous monitoring

Monitor and manage security events

Effortlessly monitor all endpoint security events, including expired antivirus, unplanned reboots, disabled firewall, and managing security notifications.
SecPod's SanerNow - Block Devices

Troubleshoot and monitor endpoint machines

With a centralized cloud control, seamlessly monitor and troubleshoot remote endpoints to ensure productivity is unaffected.

Keep system health in check with the capability of continuous monitoring

Maintain your system health with the continuous monitoring capability of SanerNow. Make sure the endpoint security posture and health are always at their best.
SanerNow endpoint Management Dashboard

Features to Make Sure Your Endpoints Have Impeccable Health and an Unbreachable Security Posture


Live monitoring of 100+ endpoint metrics

Monitor more than 100 endpoint metrics and manage your endpoints seamlessly. With SanerNow, you can instantly view details of the active processes on endpoints, the services installed and running, the ports that have been blocked/unblocked based on organization policies, system health details, security checks, and much more.

Perform necessary and appropriate actions instantly

Along with continuous monitoring, you can also perform a wide range of actions on your endpoints with SanerNow. Starting from deploying software, managing network and registry settings, blocking devices, applications, and ports, deleting and quarantining files, and much more.

Monitor system health, system utility, and system usage data in real-time

The cloud-based control helps access remote endpoints from a single console. With just one click, you can get to know the endpoint health, if endpoints are configured and maintained accordingly, if the antivirus and firewalls are in place, if any update is needed, or if they have expired.


Get on-demand endpoint information

The live data about the endpoint can instantly view when there is a need using SanerNow. Live metrics also can be accessed anytime and anywhere, thanks to cloud control.

Implement all management and monitoring activities with one lightweight agent

Block malicious applications and potential threats with the smart SanerNow agent. SanerNow helps detect all the available apps, allowing you to blacklist or whitelist an App across all endpoints. The light-weighted agent present in the endpoints keeps scanning them continuously and monitoring them for any doubtful activities.

Continuous Monitoring of Security Controls

Keeping a close on the security controls of your endpoints is crucial. Monitor all security controls such as antivirus status, firewall configurations, endpoint protection details, security events, open ports, password policies, and more. Keep an eye on the end-to-end security posture of all endpoints in one view.

Continuous Monitoring of 100+ Endpoint Metrics

Get 360 degree visibility over your endpoints. Monitor hundreds of endpoint metrics that determine the smooth functioning of devices such as BIOS information, missing patches, DNS cache, connected storage devices, and more. Handle all endpoint information remotely from one console.

Continuous Monitoring of Endpoint Health

Maintaining system health is a primary role. SanerNow provides the ability to continuously monitor the endpoint metrics which determine system health. Monitor CPU usage, RAM usage, disk usage, and more metrics in real-time. Detect and fix performance issues before they occur.

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