Threat Detection and Response

Prevent potential cybersecurity breaches by rapidly detecting and responding to threats

Accurately identify the potential threats and respond to them immediately

SecPod SanerNow Endpoint Threat Detection and Response helps organizations to monitor all the activities happening in the endpoints and stay alert to security threats and breaches and respond to them instantly.

Keep a close eye on any malicious activities happening in the endpoints.

Detect any incidents of security breaches and stay ahead of them.

Identify the indications of attacks and compromise in the network.

Respond to threats immediately without any gap.

Keep your threat incidents response plan ready!

Eliminate the security blind spots, identify the possible threats, and act upon them instantly.

On-demand and real-time threat hunting​

Identify any hidden threats in the enterprise endpoints, which might lead to severe cybersecurity attacks. You can perform on-demand and real-time threat hunting on any number of computers in your IT network and safeguard the systems from security attacks.

High-speed uninterrupted incident response​

When a threat is being detected, it is important to drive responses without much ado. SecPod SanerNow enables organizations to give high-speed incident responses without interrupting system services. This helps enterprises to stay continuously immune to an array of cyber-attacks.

Asses system behavior and discover attack indications

Endpoint detection and response doesn’t end if you just identify the systems which are compromised to attacks. SecPod SanerNow allows organizations to monitor the system behavior and identify any deviations which might lead to potential cyber-attack. Identifying these indications of attacks helps enterprises stay a step ahead in securing the network.

Complete visibility from a cloud-based architecture​

Gain full visibility and control over any incidents in your enterprise endpoints from a centralized cloud-based platform. This allows you to detect the threats anywhere and anytime from a single console. This solution can also be operated in an on-premise platform.

Secure Your Endpoints from Suspicious Threats


Identify Indicators of Attacks​

Plenty of actions and functionalities runs in a system regularly. A few unnoticed system actions like disabled firewall settings, computer account creation anomalies, disabled registry access, etc., might lead the way to cyber attacks. These settings might look innocuous; however, these will serve as an entry point for attackers to enter the organization. Using SecPod SanerNow, you can detect any endpoint in your network with these system actions and act upon them immediately.


Identify Indicators of Compromise​

In some organizations, a few computers might have already been compromised to malware and ransomware. Having such computers in the network will be dangerous and will lead to severe security threats. SecPod SanerNow will help organizations identify the computers attacked by various ransomware like WannaCry, CryptoLocker, Fantom, EternalRocks Worm, BadRabbit, etc. Upon detection, you can immediately remove these systems from the network and safeguard the enterprise.


Create customized detection techniques​

Apart from the detection logics offered by SecPod SanerNow, you can also create customized detection techniques from the variety of checks available. You can create detection logics either with one or a group of checks to identify the security loopholes in your network endpoints.

Create a response to detected threats​

Once a threat is detected in the network, it is crucial to act upon it without delay. SanerNow offers various settings that can be used to create customized actions responding to each threat. This way, you can instantly save your network from detected malicious threats.

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