SanerNow Endpoint Management

Take remote IT from ‘manageable’ to ‘extraordinary’ with comprehensive endpoint management

Get Complete Command on the Minutest Endpoint Operations with Easy to Use Controls

Application & Device Control

Software Deployment

Continuous Monitoring


Detection and Response

Perform Outstanding Endpoint Management and Ensure Smooth Business Operations

Endpoint health monitoring, system troubleshooting, software deployment, application and device control, and much more.

Monitor and assess 100+ endpoint health metrics in real-time

Ensure the best health across your endpoints with live monitoring of hundreds of endpoints settings and configurations.

Ensure efficient management of remote endpoints with smart agents

SanerNow endpoint manager leverages smart, lightweight, and multifunctional agents to simplify all endpoint management tasks across your local and distributed endpoints.

Multi-platform management that supports all major OSs from a cloud-based console

Execute and automate all endpoint management activities like software deployment, system health monitoring, endpoint visibility and control, etc., across your Windows, Mac, and Linux devices from a centralized cloud-based console.

Integrated patch management for vulnerability remediation

SanerNow endpoint management software follows a unified approach to endpoint management, enabling you to perform all actions through a single window. As a result, it reduces the complexity of using multiple siloed point solutions to manage endpoints.
SanerNow endpoint Management Dashboard

Endless List of Capabilities for Seamless Endpoint Management


Easy software deployment with SanerNow’s in-built software repository

Schedule and deploy software remotely from a vast collection of multiple OS and third-party applications from the SanerNow Software Repository. Additionally, SanerNow supports customized software deployment tasks and uninstalls.

System health monitoring with comprehensive security checks

Implement continuous monitoring on all endpoints. Track 100+ endpoint health metrics and regular security checks. SanerNow’s endpoint monitoring checks for antivirus deployments, the status of important system services and files, registry keys, rogue processes, and much more to keep your endpoints healthy.

Apply strong security controls and strengthen your endpoint security posture

Tighten security across your endpoints and execute strong security measures. Enable firewall policies and other security checks, quarantine or isolate devices or networks, perform sensitive data discovery, and much more. Get superior endpoint visibility and control.

Block malicious applications and reduce the attack surface instantly

Block rogue applications and evade potential threats. SanerNow helps detect all the available apps, allowing you to blacklist or whitelist an app across all endpoints.

Tune-up systems for better performance

Improve system performance with regular audits and disk clean-ups, including the purging of unused or rarely used files. Optimize cost and usage with regular maintenance and updates across systems and endpoints.

Block or disable rogue devices to prevent security breaches

Disable or block rogue, unauthorized devices from connecting to your network, including USB and other peripheral devices, based on organizational policies or compliance requirements. Implement an application and device control measure to prevent insecure or unauthorized access.

Execute scripts on remote devices

Automate day-to-day endpoint management, including remote execution of scripts to update, manage, or troubleshoot your systems. SanerNow allows you to run scripts like PowerShell, bat, or shell across remote computers from its centralized console.

Extensive reporting and audit logs

Automate and schedule reporting and audits to ensure timely and effective actions to regulate endpoint management.

Comprehensive Endpoint Management System for all Activities

SanerNow EM is an ideal solution for software deployment, monitoring system health, sensitive data discovery, and implementing security controls. These are the key features to ensure endpoint visibility and control in your environment. SanerNow EM is the perfect endpoint manager to keep your devices in good health and troubleshoot them remotely.

Endpoint Manager to Perform System Tune-ups and Execute Commands Remotely

Get endpoint management as a complete package with the following capabilities. Perform remote script execution with scripting languages like PowerShell, bat, or shell across remote computers. Tune up systems remotely to increase the performance of endpoints.

Application and Device Control Simplified and Unified

SanerNow EM supports continuous monitoring and multi-platform management for all major OSs. Additionally, it supports application and device control capabilities to block disable untrusted devices connected to your network, including USB and peripheral devices. You can also blacklist or whitelist applications according to your organizational policies.

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