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Manage all endpoints, IT assets, and patches from one unified console

Modern IT and Remote Workforces Demand Efficient and Secure IT Environments

Seamless endpoint management is a key requirement for any organization with a constantly growing and heterogeneous inventory of IT assets. However, the endpoint management software used by IT teams today lack extensive capabilities that truly support a remote endpoint management model. Starting from software deployment and system health monitoring up to patching and security measures all fall under the purview of endpoint management. Organizations need one.

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Threat Detection and Response

SanerNow endpoint Management Dashboard

Seamlessly manage your devices from a Single Window with SanerNow Endpoint Management

SecPod SanerNow helps organizations perform seamless, swift and secured endpoint management without worrying about using multiple point solutions.

SanerNow endpoint management: Gain complete visibility and control over your network endpoints

Gain complete visibility and control over your network devices

SanerNow Patch Management Software: End-to-end automated patching tasks

Remotely manage the system health and enforce configurations without many hassles

SanerNow Asset Management Software: manage software licenses and make strategic purchase moves

Install and uninstall software to any number of computers instantly

Block malicious applications and devices and safeguard your enterprise network

With SanerNow Endpoint Management you can gain complete control over your devices.

Identify problems and troubleshoot them.

Live monitoring of 100+ endpoint metrics

Devices constitutes of various system settings and parameters, and it is essential to monitor them regularly. Maintain complete visibility over your devices by live monitoring various settings and configurations enabled in them. Through this approach, you can easily detect any deviations in the settings and troubleshoot them before they disrupt your business.

Efficient management of remote devices

Organizations are expanding globally, and are having users traveling for different business activities. Secured management is even more crucial when the users are outside the corporate network. Using SecPod SanerNow, you can instantly manage any remote devices without worrying about perimeter limits.

Integrate endpoint management with endpoint security

Endpoint management and endpoint security should always go hand in hand to stay proactive during security breaches. Achieve unified endpoint management and security from a single console using SecPod SanerNow. In addition to endpoint management, you can also perform patch management, vulnerability management, asset management, compliance management, endpoint threat detection, and response, etc.

Automate operations on all major OSs from a cloud-based console

Automate the end-to-end tasks of endpoint management on all major OSs like Windows, MAC, and LINUX from a cloud-based console. The endpoint management tasks can also be scheduled according to the organization’s requirements. You can manage devices from an on-premise platform as well.

SecPod's SanerNow Endpoint Management Software

How SanerNow Endpoint Management Works?​

Effectively manage your endpoint at a single go


Continuously scan the devices and monitor the system activities.


Discover all processes and services, detect any deviations.


Remotely perform all endpoint management tasks.

Simplify complex endpoint management tasks using our efficient features​

Deploy software from a pre-defined repository

Deploy software from the collection of software available in SanerNow software repository. Here, the software is downloaded and stored with the required installation details along with the silent switches. Likewise, you can also choose to uninstall applications. 

Block malicious applications instantly

Block any application which is considered unwanted in the network. The agent available in the enterprise devices detects all the available applications, and this detail can be seen in the Application Block view. You can select the application and the computer details to perform blocking instantly.

Apply strong security controls

Tighten the security in your devices by executing strong security measures like enabling firewall policies and other security checks, quarantining necessary devices to an isolated network, discovering sensitive data, etc.

Tune-up systems for better performance

Increase in number of unwanted files can decline your system performance and utilize unnecessary disk space. SanerNow cleans up these unwanted files present in different parts of the systems to help you utilize the disk space effectively. This also improves system performance. 

Block or disable unwanted devices

From the list of USB and other peripheral devices plugged into the enterprise devices, you can choose to disable or block the devices according to your organization’s requirements. This will help enterprises prevent the theft of confidential business data and safeguard the network from unsecured devices.

Execute scripts on remote devices

As a part of day-to-day endpoint management, you need to execute certain scripts to make necessary changes in your systems. SanerNow allow you to execute any scripts like powershell, bat or shell on your remote computers from it’s centralized console

Analyze system health by tracking security controls

Continuously monitor all the actions taking place in the systems, and regularly track the security controls. You can monitor details like antivirus deployments, important system services and files, registry keys, rogue processes etc., and keep your system health in check.  

Accurate Audits & reports​

Gain complete visibility on all the details of the devices in your network. These reports can be automated and scheduled to the IT admin’s mailbox. These reports will help organizations take insightful actions to regulate endpoint management routines in their network.

Curated Endpoint Management Capabilities for a Truly Comprehensive Tool


System health monitoring and management

SanerNow monitors 100+ live endpoint metrics and helps manage the system health of each endpoint. The endpoint management solution ensures smooth IT ops.
Identify low-performing devices and perform system tune-ups remotely. Execute scripts on remote endpoints in Powershell, bat, or shell.
Deploy software on endpoints remotely from SanerNow’s pre-built software repository of multiple OS and third-party applications. Custom software deployment and uninstalls are also supported.
Apply strong security controls, block untrusted USB and peripheral devices from connecting to your network. Blacklist or whitelist software applications according to your needs.

Automated patch management for major OSs and 300+ third-party applications

With SanerNow, you can automate the entire patch management process from scanning, detecting missing patches, download, testing, and deployment.
Ensure continuous monitoring with real-time asset scans to gain complete visibility over your IT asset inventory of hardware and software.

Software usage metrics for optimizing spend

Track software usage metrics to identify rarely-used applications and make informed software purchases. Manage software licenses of each device in the same console.

Endpoint threat detection and response (EDR) capabilities

The last key component of endpoint management is threat detection and response (EDR). SanerNow has pre-built IOA and IOC kits to detect and respond to ongoing threats in your environment.

Monitor & Control All Endpoints

Monitor and manage your endpoints and strengthen your security posture with real-time monitoring of 100+ endpoint metrics and security controls, threat detection and response, software deployment, application and device control and much more. Ensure system health with ongoing checks and updates to address misconfigurations and missing configurations.

SanerNow endpoint Management Dashboard
SanerNow IT Asset Management Dashboard

Monitor Usage of All Your IT Assets

Monitor and track every hardware and software asset across your network with full visibility and control from a unified, centralized dashboard. Blacklist or whitelist software according to your requirements.

Patch OSs & 3rd Party Applications

Harden your system configurations to reduce your threat exposure. Remotely scan and address any vulnerable or deviant endpoints to proactively remediate risks.
SecPod SanerNow Patch Management Software
SanerNow Vulnerability Management Mockup Dashboard

Detect, Identify, and Fix Threats

Identify any hidden threats in the enterprise endpoints, which might lead to severe cybersecurity attacks. You can perform on-demand and real-time threat hunting on any number of computers in your IT network and safeguard the systems from security attacks.

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